Missing Migrants: Data Visualization Assignment

For my Diplomacy Lab course at OU, I created a map of missing migrants based on a data set given to us by our professors. I used Google Fusion Tables to create my map:

Tips for using the map:

  • Each point represents an incident where migrants were reported missing and/or found alive or deceased. Click on a point to learn where, when, and how the incident occurred, as well as further information on the date and verification of each occurrence.
  • Click “Map” and “Satellite” in the top left corner of the map to switch between map views. Comparing the satellite images with political boundaries may reveal trends in some areas.
  • The data was compiled and “cleaned” as best as possible, but details are missing for some incidents.
  • To filter the map by the different data categories, check out the Fusion Table.

To view a full-screen version of the map, click here!

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